💡#SOwattage: When He Knocks… #Faith of Our (#Found and) Fathers

[S]eek after it and you will find. Continue to knock and the door will be opened for you.

I am the gate; whoever enters through Me will be liberated, will go in and go out, and will find pastures. The thief approaches with malicious intent, looking to steal, slaughter, and destroy; I came to give life with joy and abundance.

Now pay attention; I am standing at the door and knocking. If any of you hear My voice and open the door, then I will come in to visit with you and to share a meal at your table, and you will be with Me.

Matthew 7:7, John 10:9-10, Revelation 3:20 (VOICE)

When I felt strong enough / I was discovered by the Love / I had been waiting for so long / You told me none of that was real / I cannot hide how low I feel / to know that you were never wrong

You broke me / and taught me / to truly hate myself / Unfold me / and teach me / how to be like somebody else

You’re lost & found / Fallen out my faith / Broken down

~ from “Lost & Found” by Lianne la Havas

We the people, male and female, are the results of both natures’ agreement. Especially in what’s considered the third millennium, this isn’t always manifest from the amicable, bubbly marriage of a man and woman’s first marriage that leads to immaculate conception and birth after wedlock. Unfortunately, agreement only refers to the successful physical and chemical reaction in this regard.


Recent Pew Center research of U.S. family structures seem to suggest that God most consistently blessed the ‘child’ who’s used to being left alone. Those of antiquity to today’s Aleppo might beg to differ.


If scientific “advances” continue to have their way, we may one day leap from the lily pad of artificial insemination practices or so-called test tube offspring once reserved for breeding farm animals at a higher amount and rate of commercial production (i.e. slaughter), still requiring male and female sex cells, to the route of bacteria and fungi’s asexual reproduction. After all, we are quite the proud and capitalistic DIY culture, no? To my limited knowledge, unless it’s a matter of vital records that easily go missing in exile or crime, there was only one extraordinarily born to no father or mother as Melchizedek was written to have been. Oh, what a ‘fore and aftertaste… .

Like those species whose mature eat their young or old symbology depicting the head of beast nature somehow sustaining itself by chasing and devouring its tail, we the people at times appear hard-wired for self-destruction. One example of this “get ’em” gene witnessed moreso in the (affect shaped by the) cold, pressurized hustle & bustle environment of some urban Petri dishes lies in the narrative many a modern man has presented to enough women in the name of subduing or shaming the collective her.

The proverbial construction workers’ disrespectful expletives are said to follow what’s registered as a nasty attitude or rude rejection via lady passersby’s protective silences. Unjust as the likes of such men, some are quick to deem (and doom) any woman unwilling to accept or place trust in frequent curses, spitting, imbalanced supplies/demands and false or secretive methods as the result of involuntarily lacking an earthly father’s presence.

Never mind the fact that they often denounce, disrespect or drain any authority except their own including their fathers and may struggle to properly discipline and maintain the respect of sons or other creative offspring. Something in the mortal heart/mind set on playing God by attempting to play another will always have difficulty respecting and acknowledging the Being of God living and moving in different ways through all. As expressed in previous posts, s/he who feels above pleasing or reasoning with their earthly parent(s) or offspring are likely to find it that much more difficult to see with natural eyes, past artists’ depictions, and truly honor the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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“When parties end, clean-up’s not immediate.”

Needless to say, many family structures and dynamics throughout time make ease of respect, or even relationship, a challenging prospect. Any of us might have the option to pick a serious bone if the angry, Biblical first brother Cain was our daddy though the deadbeat label pales in comparison to that of jealous murderer. Representing the seventh generation from Genesis, his son Enoch [*/worksheet] would also have the option to simply walk well with God as of the Godly blessing that follows the sixth number of the human, will; the flesh that He loves and chastises as necessary. Who feels it, knows.

In hopeful honor of His Sovereignty, including the not-so-gentle ways more popular as the designated day (?!) for mundane love nears, a poem discovered some years ago via the Transformation Garden blog emerges. May the glimpse of God’s Love and Wrath in totality, before Eternity, help us to enter the Door that He is and eventually continue on a path worthy of Glory.


Hard God

“Candles and rose light

through cathedral glass

poorly define Him.

No gentle picker of pale

violets in grass.

No wandering shepherd

breathing wisdom and hymns

in shaded vale.

Let it pass.

I serve a hard God.

Liken Him to a raging fire.

Remember Him

forcing Pharaoh higher

to cliff’s edge,

then to churning sea;

see him swallowing Korah

in an extemporaneous tomb;

recall His intended pyre

to be built

from His erring

but chosen sons,

quenched only by Moses’ plea.

I serve a hard God.

He walks a stern path

through the earth.

His voice roars

in thunder,

giving birth

to terror;

oceans leap

in His wake

waves are hurled

mountains quake –

desolations are His footprints

in the world.

He is hard

and His way was stone,

touch and free

from gentility

like nails

driven through bone

and splintered to a tree.

He thunders and kills

from below, in, above;

He consumes all dross.

He is stern

like love

and hard

like a cross.”


POcKEt MONsters

O…M…G…! There’s a Holiday Pikachu up the block. Pleeease come with me to catch it. But we have to hurry before it spawns!


Spawn? I thought you wanted to visit with April.


I do. We can catch it on the way there if we leave now!

Wait… This is so awesome. There’s a Charizard nearby, too! Ok. We really gotta go.

Is there a prize of some sort? Points?

You do know we’re rushing to catch a fictional thing. Help me understand, hon.

(laughs) It’s so real! Not just to me, either. Adults all over the world play too.

It’s fun. And this one’s at the church. Alot of them are…

On the gloomiest of days, the girl’s enthusiasm was usually sunshine plus rainbows and sprinkles. Her impromptu recruitment for capturing popular surreality only she could see via her device, then, didn’t need to be compelling.

Salmon is a tangibly popular food and the only thing besides a comic book-turned-movie hellion that many readily task with spawning. Still, neither context is showing itself approved as healthy or game these days, especially at various houses of worship.

Incidentally, as the child led, the purpose of making the abbreviated “Pocket Monsters” go forth to possibly ‘[change] geography‘ via its fellow Niantic Labs-created Ingress became clearer: (control over) entry.

“While Pokémon Go is a remarkably social game, Ingress takes this aspect much further. In Ingress, two teams—the Enlightenment and the Resistance—battle for control of portals akin to PokeStops scattered throughout the world.”

~Beth Weingarner

That excerpt of opposing factions’ battle for openings and territory seems eerily appropriate in this geopolitical moment calling for heightened border and firewalls. Beyond the suggested stretch of evangelism to overlook those parishioners seeking unique Poké instead of God’s wisdom from the pews, The Bible teaches of guarding and/or lifting up various gates such as our eyes, ears, mouth; even those of fish, hell and The Everlasting.

Many other “pockets” of the world—like those displayed in the featured drum notation and the following, final images—would benefit (and bless others) most from Godly covering. Consider also your Life rhythm and synch it with high calling until any remaining monsters flee. Remember: Where your heart is, there also is your treasure.


SO… What’s in yours?


💡#SOwattage: The Heir of Happiness Beyond What We Knew

Welcome to “2017”.

10 paces into this new universal season—so called because that designation belongs to each day despite much of the world’s agreed fascination with January 1—seems as good a time as any to:

  • stand firmly within this given day.
  • reconsider the struggles and successes of all the steps thus far, then
  • continue forward with the correction and hopefully, per our discipline, the grace earned.

As it was written in the annals of the last two years’ uncharacteristically warm Christmases, the appearance of snow and the season’s “official” start date aren’t static. They are, however, unique to the hemispheres; of the mind of God.

Ditto for the rest of our reality. The old adage ‘Wo/man plans and God laughs’ holds true today. An ounce of discernment will lead any sensible person to ask themselves some variation of “What do I know, anyway?”

We will arrive at one of the US presidential transition’s most pivotal moments in only 10 more days: Inauguration Day. Did you know that it is a divination practice of the ancient Roman order to augur; that is, to predict what will or won’t fare well?

As such, s/he who is privy to current events, various cards throughout history or even the clarion call that powerful music often provides is likely much more familiar with the trump concept than understood on the surface or even desired. Please join me; have a seat. Let’s reason together.


~ .: Welcome, Holy Spirit! :. ~

The Sagesse Oblige paradigm has also changed since using astrology and tarot to highlight some parallels between the mundane and celestial in 2016’s “Above the Table” (Twitter) posts. With maturity or at least some undoing of our diverse, harmful bondage and conditioning, we learn that the power of reasonable obedience trumps coincidence in yielding good results. It doesn’t go unnoticed, however, that the decision to slough insolent morsels off the plate and entire table took place during what’s considered the Capricorn period of material mastery or excess that some link with the true Messiah’s birth and, via trump 15, the devil.


Peaceful deliverance one day affording the lion & lamb to lay together is of The Word. Lions posing as lambs (and vice-versa), however, is a human problem; of the world.

To encourage leaky division regarding our information and strength (as individuals or entire nations à la the 2016 US elections) and set superstitiously lofty sights on things below is indeed too minor to matter. [Note: Focusing only on any “lowercase ‘g'”, e.g. the “dollar, dollar bill y’all” of Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It” before he learned to better value the will/power of God, is a snare to the soul-full abundance of His Plan for our lives.]

SO… ‘New year, new me’ crowd, meet the pneuma. Let’s take a deep breath thereof & step with faith to stand your ground and/or move on only as directed.