đź’ˇ#SOwattage: The Heir of Happiness Beyond What We Knew

Welcome to “2017”.

10 paces into this new universal season—so called because that designation belongs to each day despite much of the world’s agreed fascination with January 1—seems as good a time as any to:

  • stand firmly within this given day.
  • reconsider the struggles and successes of all the steps thus far, then
  • continue forward with the correction and hopefully, per our discipline, the grace earned.

As it was written in the annals of the last two years’ uncharacteristically warm Christmases, the appearance of snow and the season’s “official” start date aren’t static. They are, however, unique to the hemispheres; of the mind of God.

Ditto for the rest of our reality. The old adage ‘Wo/man plans and God laughs’ holds true today. An ounce of discernment will lead any sensible person to ask themselves some variation of “What do I know, anyway?”

We will arrive at one of the US presidential transition’s most pivotal moments in only 10 more days: Inauguration Day. Did you know that it is a divination practice of the ancient Roman order to augur; that is, to predict what will or won’t fare well?

As such, s/he who is privy to current events, various cards throughout history or even the clarion call that powerful music often provides is likely much more familiar with the trump concept than understood on the surface or even desired. Please join me; have a seat. Let’s reason together.


~ .: Welcome, Holy Spirit! :. ~

The Sagesse Oblige paradigm has also changed since using astrology and tarot to highlight some parallels between the mundane and celestial in 2016’s “Above the Table” (Twitter) posts. With maturity or at least some undoing of our diverse, harmful bondage and conditioning, we learn that the power of reasonable obedience trumps coincidence in yielding good results. It doesn’t go unnoticed, however, that the decision to slough insolent morsels off the plate and entire table took place during what’s considered the Capricorn period of material mastery or excess that some link with the true Messiah’s birth and, via trump 15, the devil.


Peaceful deliverance one day affording the lion & lamb to lay together is of The Word. Lions posing as lambs (and vice-versa), however, is a human problem; of the world.

To encourage leaky division regarding our information and strength (as individuals or entire nations Ă  la the 2016 US elections) and set superstitiously lofty sights on things below is indeed too minor to matter. [Note: Focusing only on any “lowercase ‘g'”, e.g. the “dollar, dollar bill y’all” of Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It” before he learned to better value the will/power of God, is a snare to the soul-full abundance of His Plan for our lives.]

SO… ‘New year, new me’ crowd, meet the pneuma. Let’s take a deep breath thereof & step with faith to stand your ground and/or move on only as directed.


#SOwatt is your opinion? Leave a reply.

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