POcKEt MONsters

O…M…G…! There’s a Holiday Pikachu up the block. Pleeease come with me to catch it. But we have to hurry before it spawns!


Spawn? I thought you wanted to visit with April.


I do. We can catch it on the way there if we leave now!

Wait… This is so awesome. There’s a Charizard nearby, too! Ok. We really gotta go.

Is there a prize of some sort? Points?

You do know we’re rushing to catch a fictional thing. Help me understand, hon.

(laughs) It’s so real! Not just to me, either. Adults all over the world play too.

It’s fun. And this one’s at the church. Alot of them are…

On the gloomiest of days, the girl’s enthusiasm was usually sunshine plus rainbows and sprinkles. Her impromptu recruitment for capturing popular surreality only she could see via her device, then, didn’t need to be compelling.

Salmon is a tangibly popular food and the only thing besides a comic book-turned-movie hellion that many readily task with spawning. Still, neither context is showing itself approved as healthy or game these days, especially at various houses of worship.

Incidentally, as the child led, the purpose of making the abbreviated “Pocket Monsters” go forth to possibly ‘[change] geography‘ via its fellow Niantic Labs-created Ingress became clearer: (control over) entry.

“While PokĂ©mon Go is a remarkably social game, Ingress takes this aspect much further. In Ingress, two teams—the Enlightenment and the Resistance—battle for control of portals akin to PokeStops scattered throughout the world.”

~Beth Weingarner

That excerpt of opposing factions’ battle for openings and territory seems eerily appropriate in this geopolitical moment calling for heightened border and firewalls. Beyond the suggested stretch of evangelism to overlook those parishioners seeking unique PokĂ© instead of God’s wisdom from the pews, The Bible teaches of guarding and/or lifting up various gates such as our eyes, ears, mouth; even those of fish, hell and The Everlasting.

Many other “pockets” of the world—like those displayed in the featured drum notation and the following, final images—would benefit (and bless others) most from Godly covering. Consider also your Life rhythm and synch it with high calling until any remaining monsters flee. Remember: Where your heart is, there also is your treasure.


SO… What’s in yours?




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