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So what should I call You, Now that I know You? How do I describe What my mind cannot form? When my words cannot capture What flows through my thoughts, How can I say What You mean in my heart? I hear Your voice On the whistle of the wind, In the still of the […]

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“You Send Me”

i don’t recall

how the conversation began

with that man

only that it was on a familiar street

with a strange request

for people who’d just randomly met

‘A classic song, please?’

“You Send Me”

That was then

Both of us have long left

that summertime corner

years later complete with a lovely mural

of ladies called Justice, Motherhood, Liberty

and even i

make strange requests now

That the foe or friend

Holy Spirit took in hand

forcing my rebirth or gently hold mine

as i learned to walk


understand how i adore God for them;

simply awaiting His direction

regarding my assignment(s) under Heaven

since Christ issued

my passport.

Place meant…

i sought a sound message

from among

The Word of God

addressing fortune and territory

not as for spiritual ears & eyes needing

scratches to t’heir

itchiness or their superficiality

but for deeper direct instruction

Word made flesh

What i found is that

Even the positioning of Abram

fulfillment of Jabez’s request

and essence of Gad

came with side thorns

a plague of general anxiety

moving disorders

The Word returned

yet resting in heart

Just wait…


being still is best

you know?

Right now

i believe

i do.

An Inkling, An Unction

Unsure you feel it

until you welcome entry

and then it fills you

Precious Blood and oil

God’s peculiarelixir

One drop can change all.

Elixir of Hope: The Recipe

No Greater Love: By Faith, my Hope is built…

Na'ama Yehuda


In one heart, mix equal parts:

Pearls of connection, words of caring, acts of kindness, steps of courage, hugs of comfort, breaths of peace, paths of truth, smiles of joy, touches of compassion.

Brew with gentleness till ample Hope forms.

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Alone Together

By definition

in part

“at least one member of the pair

benefits from the relationship;

the other member, maybe”


Ours has begun

albeit not commensal

The Blood came

to freely bless

absent of parasitism

The honor of God


as able


neither goose

anymore susceptible

to improper ganders

nor in need of keeping up




i am just Living

with Life

not average

or upset

but within

healthy means

as God sees






That some of whowhatwhenwhere mattered now bears a meaning less than it once did is an ordinary part of healthy growth and progress in God.

Where There is a Cur(s)e

Great Physician

You, Who has all power

to destroy and build

to heal and kill

to create the Seed

Whose Life purpose is to die

so we be coated in Your Blood

Your hands laid on us

sprout shoot root of Jesse and David cotyledon

The first evidence of new life sprouting; a cotyledon, a sprout.

Who gives law

and trial

by Fire

Serpent against serpents

not always slow…



i have entered

Your understanding

that the cure Is


hidden among the curse

virus in the vaccine

value in the venom

Laziness overlooked until over…wrought into more work for You

Distant, judging tendencies…laid me down, vulnerable

Busy and full…of pride on the way to humility

So overzealous to slay my fears

and bless those who curse

despite stones unturned

in resolution

Am I a fool?

My fault

Your call…


That i may preach

in the silence

of practice

unto perfection

To be holy

because You Are


Your Light

blinds the darkness

yet training

my extremities

Your Way

still gives heat to my core


these are just symptoms

of Your wellness

i receive You ‘n them

by what is becoming

general principle

for Your Glory.

Yes & Amen


they say

“Stop talking. That’s a lie

I don’t want to hear”



they say

“Why didn’t you…

(just call)

tell me?”


It goes

without saying that

the meantime is inside

the will of God




The fervor + serenity

He provides