Living Color

Featured picture: “Healing in His Wings” by Rachel K. Harpham

Out of the mouth of an elevator

the babe and her elder guardian emerged

Mother heading to the reception desk

Child bee-lining for more signs of Life

With the pointed push of a button

the princess subject all to one command


the water fountain

the lobby chairs

one or two waiting patrons

would be released

After a minute behind the blinds

realizing I saw her

with no intention to pretend otherwise

she sauntered over to me


“Good morning, sweetheart. So, you like ‘Frozen’, huh?”

“Yeah. It’s my favorite! I watch it all the time.”

“That’s so cool! Do you like Princess Elsa or just lots of snowy days?”

“It’s my favorite, favorite movie! I watched it at home just now. Heyyy…your tooth is dirty.”

I laughed heartily at the type of innocent yet raw honesty I love, its resonance with a separate chat I’d had regarding a few procedures I must schedule. In her five-year-old lexicon, there was no distinguishing between being chemically stained, unbrushed, lipsticked and such. Things were simply as clean or dirty as they appeared to her; that’s it.

Though God is full of Grace, Mercy and Patience, wanting us to be saved in His Son, after enough chances to freeze certain activity or associations, catch then spread the Holy Spirit’s fire and enter His rest, our lives are just as black or white before Him.

“You’re right! When I was close to your age, I had an accident and broke it. The dentist fixed it with a special kind of pasty chalk that’s easy to stain, so I have to be careful”, pointing to my American-megasized coffee cup; almost empty, mind you. *gulp*

“Ok.” With a smile, wave of her wand and the pre-programmed sound of what I guess was meant to represent sugar, spice, shimmer, sprinkles, stars and the like, the Elsa voice insisted “Let it gooooo!” 

My new friend ran off, leaving me to my work and a great appreciation for her approach to healthcare: immediate, straightforward and extremely affordable without bureaucratic interference.

By the time my nearest colleagues returned with breakfast, I had to tell them about the princess’ no-filter visit. We shared some laughter at my expense—until the girl returned to show her equal admiration for the eggs & sausage I wasn’t having by reaching directly into my neighbor’s plate.

Now, that was wrong. My co-worker stopped laughing and wished our visitor had only sang with and frozen something on her instead. I understood and had nothing to add. The child had shown her true colors, however innocent, rather vividly and seemed to need more home training about boundaries beyond the gentle correction offered on-site.

Diluting my one cup and sipping slower over the course of the day, I did hope within my heart that when I meet my real Judge; my own colors would be found worthy under the coverage of His wings, healing within them and the pearliest of gates.


Chalk drawing of Malachi 4:2 (KJV) via Tiffany Aryee


“Healing in His Wings” by Michelle Bentham




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