A Vessel Named You

Vertical turnstile bruised my heel

Not so much that i missed the intended departure

in a subway car named 3756

or something like that

for whatever it’s worth


On board

a man opened his briefcase

revealing unlikely sheets

of music he read silently

“It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”

Yesteryear i might’ve agreed more


That night, Daystar echoed HR’s instructions

especially different:

Report in the storm at your own risk.

A woman discussed the ministry

of moving forward after the loss of a husband’s love

for The Way of Truth, his life and their flock


Just then, my foot started to twitch

in whispers of witnessed agonies i had to part with

Empty apologies, social climbing dis-ease

pulling up and coming around only when strapped to boot

as had once been my truth

Needing to switch

Weather Channel confirmed

the cold called for Timbs


Preparing my heart and the next day’s clothing

with warming fire in mind

i peeked through Stella’s eyes before sleep

awakening to a Bodily war cry

If you must prove something, prove all

Be glad this day I made it so you needn’t chase bread

Behold the manner

of cleansing the land needs and rest


The region would be blanched;

i would learn of bumps in the road

and unhealthy desire, power lines, trees felled

Yet my God of baptismal blessings or destruction

by water, Word, fire & grand Design

asks The Beloved for trust from a clean inner cup

to pour Truth-in-Love freely where he says sow


That alone should teach us to immerse ourselves humbly.


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