Some Basics

Two friends approached the van shuttle

There was only room for one

the extra of whom was turned away

immediately ending their camaraderie

Of course, s/he may have arrived at the station before us

They may even have reunited on the other side

It doesn’t rest on my understanding, nor should it

as it depends on their intent, actions, the driver s/he would pair with, vehicle health & chosen roads’ conditions

At that stage in the ride

the driver’s instinct is to pull over for whomever is standing at the stops, waving a fare hand

Very seldom is it to check his or her capacity and stop accordingly

If possible, it’s the passengers’ duty (if not instinct) to check seating availability as it nears

maybe leave earlier, plan contingencies

as it’s a journey for all of us

No one wants to end up where they don’t, or would prefer not to,



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