Where There is a Cur(s)e

Great Physician

You, Who has all power

to destroy and build

to heal and kill

to create the Seed

Whose Life purpose is to die

so we be coated in Your Blood

Your hands laid on us

sprout shoot root of Jesse and David cotyledon

The first evidence of new life sprouting; a cotyledon, a sprout.

Who gives law

and trial

by Fire

Serpent against serpents

not always slow…



i have entered

Your understanding

that the cure Is


hidden among the curse

virus in the vaccine

value in the venom

Laziness overlooked until over…wrought into more work for You

Distant, judging tendencies…laid me down, vulnerable

Busy and full…of pride on the way to humility

So overzealous to slay my fears

and bless those who curse

despite stones unturned

in resolution

Am I a fool?

My fault

Your call…


That i may preach

in the silence

of practice

unto perfection

To be holy

because You Are


Your Light

blinds the darkness

yet training

my extremities

Your Way

still gives heat to my core


these are just symptoms

of Your wellness

i receive You ‘n them

by what is becoming

general principle

for Your Glory.


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