#EditoReal: Colon Cleansing

Just yesterday

The Champion,

Author and Finisher

of my faith

removed the compass

and broke the thermometer

i’d kept on my key-chain

for too long


an outdated remnant

of a fear- and trauma-

based heart & mind

once given to secretly carrying

worldly survival supplies

in my childhood backpack

expressing unintended denial of His Power

preparing with only partial understanding

for the day

of my favorite book, Revelation


During my commute

i pressed send on

an eloquent letter to an island

thinking He was sending me there

for a season

Of course

God said “No, ma’am…”

erasing the trans-mission in

draft, outbox, spam or other record

A passerby’s phone played words

‘of being sanctified’

before moving


Speaking to my heart

His Way

the message i received

was, is and now will ever be

that God-in-Christ is in control

the direction i seek must be of Him

ever ready to alter and shift as He leads

and my temperature akin in Spirit

to His holy, consuming fire


in thought/word:
  1. a punctuation mark (:) used to precede a list of items, a quotation, or an expansion or explanation.
    • a colon used in various technical and formulaic contexts, for example a statement of proportion between two numbers, or to separate hours from minutes (and minutes from seconds) in a numerical statement of time.
    • the number of the chapter and verse respectively in biblical references.
      “Exodus 3:2”

in deed (per natural health):
The colon receives waste material from the small intestine, absorbs fluids, releases the waste; its state of wellness or dysfunction speaking of our ability, willingness to let go of what doesn’t serve us well.
Being sympathetically connected to the lung function, we are reminded that what we put in our bellies and mouths is important but of less impact than the diagnosis we can glean from what comes out.
May we repent, receive The Holy Spirit, be subject to God’s cleansing and let only the fragrance of His breathed inspiration be within thus expressed.

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