To Behold

i had abstained

for seasons distilled to a day

actually, night,

a former mate pressed his sheated groin

against me;

an effort to distract & destroy

the grand opening

of my Father’s business

Another, just

a friend

text me for the second time this year

without a phone

Most recently another walked with me

along a narrow strait of the clearest

sun-kissed water ever

from the beginning

to the very end

of that island’s earth

where both shores would’ve happily met

save for deference

to The Way made


Observing the tide so low

i deemed its beauty

unsound for storm

My ferryman by foot

took me to a hut then

requested, via written note,

a song he’d once turned

deaf ears on



three (including me)

relatives danced through a market

Fresh produce was my focus

i don’t know where

they went

but i woke up

upon displeasure

of some young women trying to befriend


as a ruse for their attempt

to steal perfume…

An elder used to chide me

insisting frequent

vivid dreams are a sign

of an unraveling mind

Yet a son & daughter

of said mentorship

now insist they’ve lost theirs

Hands tied

from cleaning others’ cups

i’m assigned my own

though group obedience

best prevents pests


For a stranger

of alleged dangers

made tenant where i was

left to watch

but await the owner’s return

to put him out

much like what the enemy’s limited time

on Earth is about

Mysteries & yarns unfurl

as they must

Us being

The Most High’s

pet peeves

May Heavenly Father

shield the least of these




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