Cautious against running errant

i prepared to run errands instead

My soul said sharing in God’s Word was due

i noticed as i walked

one block, three churches, none open

What becomes of the brokenhearted or joyful

who (want to) know & love Him anytime

It seems our mundane preoccupation is Maundy



i sat at the bus stop

to write a few letters

intended for immediate mailing

however informal


along The Way


A man smiled; i returned his greeting

He turned into a fourth church

two blocks from the others

i walked up to him, the local open doors

Is there service tonight or any prayer meeting now, sir?

45 minutes too early, i learned there would be:

at six and a have

for obligatory, if not more cheerful, giving

as he closed up ‘shop’


Later in the evening

i invited someone to return

attend with me

The spirit they welcomed before my visit

preferred curses to blessings

even of healthy conversation

if not going to that building

calling others of co-illusion

once believed out of earshot

to take pride in lewd, lies

three times

Not the first or last



My Lord

by experience mild

in comparison to the persecution You suffered

for all the above

i take it

the answer to my prayer


the true message of Your passion

straight to my head & heart

Needless to say

You’re all-ways timely.


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