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i decided to enjoy a smoothie in the midst of some study today. There’s a fruit of The Holy Spirit parallel i didn’t even pick up on until just now.

Still, i appreciate the ways God shows up in whatever we set our hands to if our hearts and minds have already begun to follow His lead.

Some of the kitchen produce was screaming on its way out. i mean oxidizing into the yellows and browns of fresh air exposure, negligence or (like my emotions in worship these days) a bit mushy.

Radio was playing. Sun was shining. Family was good. i was grateful for the simple pleasure of private time with Him as sometimes there’s no music, all dark clouds and busyness among a public that doesn’t seem at all moved by His Love.

Out of nowhere, i started thinking about Noah; how he received a freeing Word of radical preparation from The Most High. How the people must’ve laughed and tried to ridicule or shame his arguably outlandish endeavor.

A big ol’ random boat, man? Hmm… 😒

Due to the wickedness of humankind, The Hand of God was going to wave mightily, sending almost everyone clear out of ‘Dodge’ (in that case, Mesopotamia).

Some found it prudent to use the time arguing, judging, disregarding the depth of sin coming to tide.

Ok, Abba. i see You — and the way our folly does no justice to Your glorious image. We’ve been like spoiled children or damaged fruit, not far enough from that fall.

Of what wasn’t too far past its freshness date, i selected my materials in twos: be it actual items, cups, tablespoons, old-school measurements you ‘just do’.

Though inspired beyond natural or intellectual knowing, good things came/are yet coming together. Hence…



Metanoia Mash

Note: You can choose any fruit, vegetable, herbs, spices and/or liquid components that best meet your nutritional needs. Just stick to a sensible rule of ✌


2 (reeeally) ripe bananas

💡 We might enjoy the same fruit yet, no, i don’t believe humans are evolved of monkeys but unique creations of God.

2 handfuls of strawberries [equivalent to about 8 oz. since 1/2 of the 16 oz. container was fighting for its life]

💡 Ever think about how strong AND fragile one that wears its seeds (life potential) on the outside must be? Stick out your tongue; not in mockery but to examine yourself. When brushed and/or we’re not fighting infection, notice the many buds; each like a strawberry seed whose life & death power is ever present.

2 c. cashew milk

💡 It’s so good (to me) and plant-based, as opposed to dairy, milks don’t pose the same curdling concern when met with acidic fruit content.

2 splashes pure coconut water

💡 The bulb emoji is a representative of electric light. This water may not compare to the Living Water that is Christ, but is a great source of heart-friendly, energy-supporting electrolytes; a little like Nature’s Gatorade.

2 sprinkles pomegranate-cherry juice

💡 The sprinkle isn’t as liberal as the splash, y’all. To say the very least, it’s for added flavor dimension and rosiness depending upon your preferred & chosen ingredients.

2 fibrous fruit with stems and a strong, seeded core (in this case the 1 Red Delicious apple and 1 D’Anjou pear)

💡 Roughage is an important part of preparing anything for (re-)building. Any reminder of the danger that detachment from the source branch or vine is crucial.

2 peeled kiwi fruit, diced

💡 Their vitamin C content, vibrant nature and tiny seeds enhance the type of eating experience i like. Differently sized pieces requiring more mindful uses of our mouths including our smiles encourages us to gamble less and consider all hemispheres of our graces more deeply.

2 oz. wheat germ

💡 Minerals and B vitamins galore serving as a reminder that some so-called germs  strengthen us, our resistance and tolerance. Reproducing and spreading this essence of wheat, not useless tares, are important to God’s Kingdom.

2 tsp. sunflower seeds

💡 Members of the animal kingdom can gnash with teeth if need be. Plants are of a finer kingdom requiring different methods to break down their (cell) walls and allow access the heart of the matter: nutrients. An acid (as is vinegar in a mild sense, citrus juice) &/or an oil that will result from the pureed seeds are somewhat like that key and help emulsify (bind, smooth) the blend.

2 tbsp. ground turmeric

💡 Studies in this root’s effectiveness against various cancers and the consistently large amounts that would be required varies. The brownish tint above will result if you include this ingredient’s bold mustard gold-like color.

1/2 tsp. Himalayan pink salt or 2 oz. chopped celery

💡 The natural sodium sources(s) assist delivery and provide or pair well with the bananas’ & wheat germ’s mineral content.

a finely sliced 2″x2″ piece of fresh, raw ginger

💡 Just enough for an immunity & energy boosting zing UNLESS you’re taking contraindicated antidepressant drugs, e.g. Wellbutrin.



2 tbsp. raw turbinado sugar, 2 tsp. cinnamon/sugar & 2 shakes nutmeg

💡 If you’re still inclined to a quick fix of sweetness or spice beyond what the fruit already provide, reduce graininess by combining these with the coconut water, bringing to an agitated slow boil (stir or shake) & making a simple syrup.

2 oz. chopped cucumber

💡 If the ginger is a bit too warming in nature for your constitution, cucumber’s cooling nature & high water content should assist balance.


Having already made sure to cut out and/or wash any molded portions, combine & puree all thoroughly in a food processor for a total of about two minutes.

Check on your blend between ~10-second pulses to note any color changes, stuck ingredients, etc.; stir, adjust accordingly.

Yields about 48 oz. (six 8 oz. servings)


This smoothie makes good use of the imperfect or slightly bruised produce we often waste, if so privileged to eat in the first place. On the other hand, it flavorfully encourages gentle elimination (unblocking & moving of gut, colon matter) and goes far to fortify the WHOLE body. While revenge is not applicable here, this like all live foods should be served immediately &/or chilled.

© Sagesse Oblige/TLCo

Waste not, want not.

Cheerfully give goodness of what you’re given.

Enjoy nourishment: pressed down, shaken together… .


Class, Room


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We all learn that

at least among humans

the concept of control is not exclusive

to the apprentice or the teacher

Both must sacrifice

for the other’s gift

Knowledge, wisdom and receptive vessel



A Fine Hand

featured pictures via Google search
for “fine handwriting”


In times of delay or unfamiliarity

frustration often emerges

It is unjust to call The Lord cranky, however,

when we seem to require so much handling

to get in gear.


Ever climbing, getting nowhere

unless positioned by Him

However large or fine the print

God’s hand is gentle yet mighty at Will

crafting the jolt of electricity

an atmosphere of different shocks

an’ earth to absorb it all.


Who hath ears to hear already has

The eyes to see pose

a greater challenge

as we pieces of work

often occlude our own blessings


to brace ourselves

in stockings

opaque as the style

of “that day”.


Please God

Grace every child

Lean not only on self-understanding

but read & heed Holy truth

in what time is due.




#EditoReal: Colon Cleansing

Just yesterday

The Champion,

Author and Finisher

of my faith

removed the compass

and broke the thermometer

i’d kept on my key-chain

for too long


an outdated remnant

of a fear- and trauma-

based heart & mind

once given to secretly carrying

worldly survival supplies

in my childhood backpack

expressing unintended denial of His Power

preparing with only partial understanding

for the day

of my favorite book, Revelation


During my commute

i pressed send on

an eloquent letter to an island

thinking He was sending me there

for a season

Of course

God said “No, ma’am…”

erasing the trans-mission in

draft, outbox, spam or other record

A passerby’s phone played words

‘of being sanctified’

before moving


Speaking to my heart

His Way

the message i received

was, is and now will ever be

that God-in-Christ is in control

the direction i seek must be of Him

ever ready to alter and shift as He leads

and my temperature akin in Spirit

to His holy, consuming fire


in thought/word:
  1. a punctuation mark (:) used to precede a list of items, a quotation, or an expansion or explanation.
    • a colon used in various technical and formulaic contexts, for example a statement of proportion between two numbers, or to separate hours from minutes (and minutes from seconds) in a numerical statement of time.
    • the number of the chapter and verse respectively in biblical references.
      “Exodus 3:2”

in deed (per natural health):
The colon receives waste material from the small intestine, absorbs fluids, releases the waste; its state of wellness or dysfunction speaking of our ability, willingness to let go of what doesn’t serve us well.
Being sympathetically connected to the lung function, we are reminded that what we put in our bellies and mouths is important but of less impact than the diagnosis we can glean from what comes out.
May we repent, receive The Holy Spirit, be subject to God’s cleansing and let only the fragrance of His breathed inspiration be within thus expressed.

Did you know

the Body daily fails

in parts

so much so

we sit on high horses

smiling for camera/phones

while calling Him Lord

never giving true thought

to the fore catching our messages

in preparation for post

Master’s return

In any case

all is indeed vanity

@ this (finger)point

under which i sunk

yet now growing more

tired of my shell

the filthiest

once fearful

of driving perfect Love away

reaching myself

instead of His garment

Then Grace


a slapped face


The prudent pay

due respect to His cost.

Weight on The Lord

We are one Body

in sore need

of The Most High

by and to Whom we connect

Divine appointment will

all-ways fit

when we discern

some discomfort is just

a call to stretch

The gift

of Your presence

gives me Life, joy

to love, sing, dance, cook, fast, walk, teach, write, study, help heal, upset, plant, produce, speak, hush, fight, pacify, do too much, still; never enough, congregate, come away…

As children You trained us

for times like these

inspiring fresh flames to pure purpose

so, later, coals of correction

may blazingly endure

through the ages

Do, Lord

Bear gently with us

as we, in turn,

bear each other up

in love learned

from The Head down

for Your Glory

Coddling me no more, now He–just–leads… . Via Faith Unlocked: “What Should I Call You?”

So what should I call You, Now that I know You? How do I describe What my mind cannot form? When my words cannot capture What flows through my thoughts, How can I say What You mean in my heart? I hear Your voice On the whistle of the wind, In the still of the […]

via What Should I Call You? — Faith Unlocked

“You Send Me”

i don’t recall

how the conversation began

with that man

only that it was on a familiar street

with a strange request

for people who’d just randomly met

‘A classic song, please?’

“You Send Me”

That was then

Both of us have long left

that summertime corner

years later complete with a lovely mural

of ladies called Justice, Motherhood, Liberty

and even i

make strange requests now

That the foe or friend

Holy Spirit took in hand

forcing my rebirth or gently hold mine

as i learned to walk


understand how i adore God for them;

simply awaiting His direction

regarding my assignment(s) under Heaven

since Christ issued

my passport.

Some Basics

Two friends approached the van shuttle

There was only room for one

the extra of whom was turned away

immediately ending their camaraderie

Of course, s/he may have arrived at the station before us

They may even have reunited on the other side

It doesn’t rest on my understanding, nor should it

as it depends on their intent, actions, the driver s/he would pair with, vehicle health & chosen roads’ conditions

At that stage in the ride

the driver’s instinct is to pull over for whomever is standing at the stops, waving a fare hand

Very seldom is it to check his or her capacity and stop accordingly

If possible, it’s the passengers’ duty (if not instinct) to check seating availability as it nears

maybe leave earlier, plan contingencies

as it’s a journey for all of us

No one wants to end up where they don’t, or would prefer not to,