… .

Ever really consider
how well we know
what we thought we knew

How common the man-made laws
of sneezes kneejerking “bless you”
“Happy Birthday”
terms of baes & boos
99% of the other
modern-day posturing we do
like insecurities with the hands we’re dealt
focusing instead on making a point away
from prayer or that which is truly Biblical

The way we sample and remix
our favorite parts of Holy Word
you’d think one of us were
responsible for writing
The Song.

One day
I sought new ones to share
with new ears
among today’s brightest and best

The charts were soaked
by melodic tears that persisted
in tales of (anybody else) being bad
at love, life, sobriety, unearned Grace…

Forget Redeemed sinners like me
if you will
God Has Not, Cannot, Shall Never

Still, I see how it can be
disheartening to some
the enemy can convince
who would claim elect pedigree

The absence of visible chains
on humble clothing, at that
or ears that ring without reason
aren’t even
the slightest proof
that we aren’t flooded with ice
all the same

Inspiration and Interpretation are Facilitated
by The Holy Spirit or not at all
He Informs
He Warns
Luckily, True Love is not only performing
but a warming Art
beloved brother, sister
regardless of the world view
being skewed

His Law and His paradox Are Perfect
and His Prevention Is Abundant Blessing
Accept, then, that Full Power
of its understanding or undoing are His alone

P.S. Alms are made
however generously
with discretion

as fearfully
altogether lovely
as we’re Born…again and…

The nutritious solitude
of a mother’s core
is the daily news page
upon which Creation Is Written
according to The Most High

Sure as you live
someone out there has
desired/guessed/spoken for or against your being
since their own cord was cut
So what

Even for their good
now unto Him
I give all cares and anxiety
choosing The Best Part—The Blood.


The Quince…

DIY tiara candle art header © Hallmark


Who’s to say when

one comes of age

and exactly what milestones should matter

since our Father

whether or not we like or even met Him

Promised the Intent of abundant Life

through Fellowship

even to the end.


Every day or 1,000 years

until then

some insist on measuring influence

as if we should or can

in increments

of fifteen minutes, maybe 80 birthdays, three meals, one love or zero hope

for example.


Experts say

predominant doodles of stars, lines & our names

commonly reflect a lot of desire for a little fame.


Raw, bitter, arguably forbidden

fruit often dresses in pretty, tough skin

like pre-prom princesses

whose family camels’ backs begin to break

before The Shift ends.


I don’t know

what truly fits

but liberation

in Him.



better focus on (continuing) The Work

of Christ Who Did It, Offered Rest, Rose again


I appreciate the wellness

of redeeming time

for the good

of loving The LORD.


Before you know it

as with a blink

He Will (Say) Come

and all we know

shall be gone.


I’m learning


we don’t want

to discuss or be healed

of trauma

as much as inflict it at will

yet The Lord Is no less our Shepherd.


Apt to see others

unlike ourselves

as alien, unfamiliar to His Reign


holes without Holy purpose

who respond only to enchantment (*) or harsh exposure


To hate facets of GOD

fancying only your reflection of His Image

denies both letter & Spirit That Read:

let each esteem other better than themselves.


Only by His Grace

do we have another moment

to surrender our Selves yet die later

eyes opened to The Mercy

simply Asking that we live in kind


See/k & kiss The Son

from a lifted veil

Wise, Cherished Bride

Living Well



I see the value

of different learning styles

more than ever


for John, intuitive

Thomas, visual/tactile

you & I, who may need a while or wild ride to stop seeing in part

although through glass, dark…


Enough said

Lives matter.

Love matters.

Right your lines.

Study & prove The Master’s Goodness

in due time.


✏My heart is inditing a good matter

My heart is inditing a good matter

My heart is inditing a good matter

My heart is inditing a good matter

My heart is inditing a good matter

My heart is inditing a good matter

My heart is inditing a good matter… .

‘Ledge or Domain

Above: Anatomically correct Ace of Hearts card via Pinterest
Regardless, “who [but GOD] can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9-10)

The king of diamonds hides
coolly, calculating
decked out among others
in the box

At the table
for entertainment Purpose only
we insist we want to be called
in The Most High saints’ Number
yet answer to much lower summons
every week of the year


For generations
a Heaven-hating agenda
slung much smoother stones
back at God’s anointed people
until they became flattered

There will all-ways be variations of:
You’re the best
Nevermind the still healthy heart helping you second-guess sin
that spade The True King Handed you to carry your swept flesh away

Nice suit
There’s dis establishment
that loves lookers like you
You deserve the spot, a sunshine state in Life

I’ve heard you say it
read your typing
but you don’t really believe
‘Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light’
Do you…

Less about how a Certain One Bears you up or any of that new grain, wine, skin stuff, tho’
How about some spirits for a real one,
strong like your Self?
Of course you don’t need any help
Those elders (under The Breath: *who survived me*) are hypocritical, jealous haters
Chase them.
Don’t let them fool you

Especially if it’s not you
but your company
all those curses are fine, too
That other Voice you were playing
when you came in will surely Return
if it really belongs to your Friend
Trust me…

I can tell you’re a great Christian.
That’s why I poured you only a little sip
How about those vapes?
You don’t have to smoke
Just be here…in the mi(d)st
Loosen up your shirt
Get freer with your skirt a bit
It’s hot!

Besides, it’s only for a little fun
Is it not?


Legerdemain, or sleight of hand, is one of the enemy’s tricks since before ANY of us were begotten: drinking, cup games, card games, word games, opiates, sex trafficking, other designed gangs, etc. continue to spoil so many corps rotten.

The m.o. often involves mutual confusion, stress/headaches, lavish attention on areas of (former?) insecurity or overconfidence leading to the pride that angers The Heavenly Father followed by attempts at quick blameshifting•cover ups/fixes•material reward•mockery•shaming in compromised or weaker area(s) and diverse, often staged silencing of those who awaken to the Truth.

If parts of The Bible when presented by another are considered uncomfortable ancient history, then recent news should be enough to Encourage The Quickening Brea(d)th of Ephesians 6:12 on every child of GOD’s face!

The antiChrist spirit, not any of our past and prayerfully no longer repeated susceptibility to it, is what every brother & sister of Jesus must fight, not each other; preferably together.

If we truly look beyond ourselves as He Looks beyond our faults to Reach us, we’ll come to understand that the fast talk & fine print of most commercial disclaimers are more legalistic than we disregard the occasional church mother and such for allegedly being.

We might even be less inclined to ravenously consume anything their respective industries dish us.

Further, no advisory label can sufficiently exorcise the fables of seemingly innocent, culturally-enabled base spirits once transmitted any more than condoms can shield against lust or infidelity.

Why celebrate such contradictions surrounding the notion of choice yet refuse to see how we invite challenges to our own rebirth in Christ?

Let’s choose (again) this day:
•the lovingly fearful knowledge of The LORD over teetering on the ledge between His Will and the world.
•to let The Holy Spirit, not any demon, have the greatest influence and dominion over our lives.

I love you in Jesus’ Rightful & Matchless Name.

Ms. Me

Because God’s Love Flows

I’ to ‘you’ to ‘we’…with that

“I” on possible

Vision beyond man’s insight

Guides His Chosen’s Way.


Wherever understanding

wouldn’t rest, they cried

but Miss?” as if in protest.


We’re ever understanding

how “no”, “yes” both bless

some saying “Thanks Miss!” in peace.


Likewise, let’s Seek Him

connect while He May Be Found

yet near… “Miss, I’m ti’ed… .”


Without God, I would be too.

Please allow me to

(re-)introduce you to Him.


Where once I allowed busy-ness
to distract my focus, forgetting to share His Goodness
I have since been Inspired by His Peace to let Truth flow

so much so
every testimony reminds me how
far we’ve come as well
as the room we have yet
to grow with/in Him

There’s no avoidance to see here
but by accomplishment of Most High Purpose
according to His Guidance, Protection & Sovereignty



He Left me…with a Word by which to walk upright, until He Returns
for good.

I cared…for anything other than keeping up, appearances


Had it

Been written

In my notebook
or simply shared in spoken witness
to a passerby on the street
The Most High Would Be
no less Edified.


“But the serpent was most subtil”


For years, now
I’ve denied even myself my flesh

Sometimes I feel
like not enough, that
too much remains

Can’t say I never consider it
though not more than my soul

as self-control is a Heavenly cure
The Holy Spirit, a Heavenly Dispense

“Sorry”, death is all one should expect
if straying from the path of Life


as “the serpent was most subtil”


It’s important to think twice

Before starting something nice
never hesitate to end
any naughtiness raising its head & hand

sure as Amen
or a team for Whom God’s Redemption Plan Comes together


Be mindful of “the serpent…subtil”


Preacherman said

the rebuke of devils is essentially easier

than stripping the carnal

(that is
ex[c]es[s] in
carne asada, per se
chilliness of heart
focus on being a car nation
crowning any but The Messiah LORD of ALL)

from dominating the mind

He ain’t lie


“the serpent…enmity…shall bruise…heel”


Another brother relayed
The Message to switch
from bored, curious, doubtful, impatient or weary
back to integrity

Truth Is
There’s no good reason not to endure loyally
carry my vessel royally
I? Mean?
What He Said…

We’re in this together
to gather & regale only what Is Holy
as one(s) first Carried by a Savior
Who Delivers only unto Himself


Some compliments of good company, humor, looking out and taste might flatter
maybe cause a flutter
Yet nothing but NOTHING Compares
to The Complement He Chooses
to Gain

For His children
the world is indeed losing…


There are boys, scoundrels, gentlemen, princes, those who groom us unto our best selves, kings
but GOD Is One
above & beyond them.

There are girls, s(l)ides, princesses, those who are ladies even in waiting, longsuffering; brides, queens
but GOD Is yet One
broader & better than


Then there lies a flower
as in s/he who flows where science and society, if not The Holy Spirit, now say go
more freely
however just as bound to down moments
on what’s considered the weaker side

A lily of sorts, in a valley for sure
aching for acceptance and admiration
identifying with

S/he walk and talk pretty
basking at a sliver of the glory
that Is taller than me
budding out of hiding from an expensive chest
unconcerned with birth of new, sacred things
the responsibilities non-Easter eggs bring
empowered by voluntary bleeding, ungrateful for involuntary breath

A self-professed fad
one-on-one must ensure doesn’t fade
whether or not s/he refuses the light of day
growth among others
even the offer of sufficient water simply comfortable with sleep and dirt

under the nails
Accurate inventory, scraping showed
all our sins were thereby pinned down
even before Commission
Hu/man, listen…

Like full-fledged butterflies
positioned for reflection and study
better understanding development
may we one day move only in
the beauty our Creator Intended
Burdens, Light as The Heir

The elements of soul’s sounds filled the hall
“Share the spice of Life!”, they sang
Per Most High Will, yes, I have
prepared for the burial my best Friend Expected
He’s Resurrected

in my once-stoned heart
I trust
so Shall He Rise & Flourish in a variety of others.



In Lieu… (for C.S.)


My Father Called me

It’s been an Eternity since seeing His Face and i long to see it again

His Voice Is undeniable
“i do”: answer,
past any unknowing
past my fear
past my past

“Abba, i love You and am on The Way!”
As a child, He Taught me both His Ministry (Mercy) and His Judgment

Start at home
So[w] by faith
Forsake no member of my family or part of His Body
unless their disobedience needs to be cast
Splitting only benefits His Image
in the sense that male & female He Made us
A divided house is doomed, however

Scholars say, broken windows…sin…records, droning against the Fullness of His Will also devalue the neighbor-hood
My Brother Taught me to Love mine, from within

Contrary to some belief, He is not an outcast but Casts out fear
that sheep
once scattered
lost and undermined in hopes of white/washing them from history (as if!)
yet bear the blessing of The Father
to be Upheld by and seated at His Right Hand
in pace



I rest in Him where I once would’ve jumped at the chance
to try “it” or prove why I cho(o)se otherwise
In lieu of curiosities, out-of-order boldness, many other sins and their deserved wages

God Gave His Son to Light every path of my world and Pay its bill
He Has NEVER lied but Lay His Life
in turn
Giving His Holy Spirit
of discernment, patience & much more
To this day, the healthy heart conducts its electric impulses accordingly

My siblings across the globe and I
gather in a Kumbayah of sorts
“Please come by here
High Priest of my Life, dwelling
Strength and Redeemer

Seal us unto you in Love
then Be an Eternal Seal of our message
to any distracting harbinger of deadly power and control
‘Don’t come around here…'”


In each of our temples, the time is always NOW for Godly covenant.

It Is Written.
It Is Finished.
It Has Begun anew and better in Him.

How He Move


I love The Way
Man’s fear is not the admission
price for Salvation
but Jesus’ Blood Is

Pure despite ingrafting
More indelible than the deepest stain
Iron-rich in Compassion for the poor
yet free every go-round

The Son Has It
so a new thing Shall all-ways Spring
We learn and teach patience in the process
of growing up
deeper, hopefully, in Him
After all
even Earth’s burial grounds are The LORD’s
The fullness thereof, Given

One weak…
I saw two surrender to longsuffering
while countless others cried and cursed
in and out of character
for more expensive, less effective medicine

It can’t be easy
to battle addiction, demons
yet embrace The Most High
with equal and opposite fervor to an enemy who somehow enters quiet, secure rooms
daily swept clean
Cameras can’t detect them
They never sign in

Invisible to the worldly eye
fallen angels strive to keep the vulnerable
company provoking them to misery
through escalated depths
of visual, auditory noise
desperate to confuse
those who would hear The Master’s Voice

If the comfortable Christian would also count those persecutions they know nothing of as reason to praise God
the joy might feed reverence that feeds humility that feeds masses to move mountains by faith alone
No pyramid schemes, but a Great GOD thing

Some must first plead guilty for an impromptu visit with the team
We watch torment travel throughout the unit
finding it difficult to stay
Though He Shows up differently
for you and me
Jesus’ Sovereignty, then, Is identical now and all-ways
I have no doubt
some of us plead
paperless Coverage of that same Blood
to start the day…


Shift, whatever it is.

Pass over
the murderer
the sex offender
the cutter•spitter•fighter…
and go your own way, Sheol
This circle is no incubator for the father (or offspring) of lies
Even the eldest’s wrinkles are now boundary lines in Christ
reading “DO NOT. CROSS!”

The peripheral eye witnesses
those alive in peace
prepared to protect me
I’m not designed to blush, but smile readily
A quick salute is seen once
I return to duty

Figure eight-wise, figuratively foreign wives have taken eyes captive relative to The Bride of Christ for a long time.
Even the fairest and wisest of men once exchanged Truth for a talisman.
How the trappings of modern Life and privilege pave ways to sin!
With God’s Time and Purpose, a sound mind may return after genuine repentance from lessons learned.

As much as I have failed self & others in varied areas
The Holy Spirit Cannot
so I’m happy to follow His Lead
no longer rushing ahead without Him

Silent groans aside
I must say that I’m amazed
how He Moves right
into every place we didn’t
even know we need(ed)

A Cleansing
Breath of fresh air
or Anointing
with refining Fire
where wrong tried its best to have the last word

It’s ok…and an honor to finally trust
The Advocate > accuser
Comforter > competitor
Teacher > traitor
Friendship > folly or having to force another into faith

My Companion…