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My God gives Life

shamed or esteemed

and has All power to take either away


He alone separates

dark & day

the laundry of our lives


Enriching us as with indigo

removing scarlet with crimson

unto snow when we die to Him


Sent of a Woman

Made, better yet,

harmonized scents

long as i can remember

It’d be foolish not to know

plants and spices are

not my creation

as i, too, am created

of The Most High

A mom often teaches US girls

about cooking, makeup and perfume

the likes of which

now have a different order & priority

in some senses

sent far behind me

My last blend was a few years ago

following a moment’s break

from bedside [sic] a wounded mate

inspired rose, almond, amber

The one other ingredient

only The Lord knows

since my makeshift

handwritten label wore off

Having completed a recent assignment


the bottle of that former favorite

succumb to God’s Hand too

Breaking point

Much of its content spilled

into a bag he’d given me

calling for clean-up before the aisle

and a new signature aroma

Just then

the oil of God flowed most essentially

with covenant peace of His branch

equipping inner lamps for His direction

fortifying the skin to better deflect the enemy

offering pure fragrance

drawing us nearer to His heart

beyond container or commerce

despite incensed Babylon

Others report opposing

odd or acquired taste

by Grace

Its top, middle & base notes Being

trust that faith grows

Hope floats

yet Love abides…

or nothing will.


it’s all-ways The High Priest

Who best brings

all things together.

Wrapping Up

Thou preparest a table

Taught Wisdom to do the same

that we should cover each other with Love

lest we forget Your Name

must be exalted

before any other chief

even Michael, prince of angels

“who is like God”

not only mere wo/men

some of whom did, do or will lie

but a refuge


blanket above ALL

in Whom His redeemed souls

rest & never die

Head Over Heels

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If so blessed

with the ability to walk

the above is how it usually should be


The head sends its messages

throughout the body below

With enough nerve & tact

they eventually arrive

for Life


Step by step

a way is made

Thank God


In case of apathy

just clean the glass

Don’t break


Acknowledge then look beyond

seemingly irreparable damage


Life’s many

come and go to Jesus



Of true Love

inside (our hearts)

out (through babes)


top – bottom

attic – basement


ancestors – descendants

roots – branches


farm(ed) and he’rd

brought to table

nourishing multitudes

one mouth or none


from Heaven’s Word

humble before Him


before fashion


What Matters Most

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Days like today

gray, rainy ones

lead me to believe moreso

in The Most High’s reign


Temporary loneliness replaced

by the eternal Love of His perfect plan

Relative chill becomes reason

to grab a shawl, pray, read

feed on His Holy Word

appreciating that He all-ways covers us


Yes to shade in His secret place

Yes to tea leaves that heal nations

soaking in Living Water

restoring harmony to the Body

by ascent in degrees


No weapon, no wo/man can separate me

from Your Love

Releasing steam, receiving serenity

to go forward

despite the weather


In the valley

moments between

births & deaths



You are with me


This is what matters most


(Y/our Name T/here)

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i hear(d) you…

the words presented

spirits behind them

yet there’ll be no spike

in temperature, pressure or a Jaelhand

for this

is the Will of God

permissible until our desires or choices

only follow Grace unto holiness

of course i’d love to see you…

why miss chances

to swallow & eliminate pride

irony also sharpens iron

its piercing the natural ear

is sweet harmony to Heaven

the host of whom are also avid 

readers & writers known to zip

the mouth~theirs or ours

for good reason

A Fine Hand

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In times of delay or unfamiliarity

frustration often emerges

It is unjust to call The Lord cranky, however,

when we seem to require so much handling

to get in gear.


Ever climbing, getting nowhere

unless positioned by Him

However large or fine the print

God’s hand is gentle yet mighty at Will

crafting the jolt of electricity

an atmosphere of different shocks

an’ earth to absorb it all.


Who hath ears to hear already has

The eyes to see pose

a greater challenge

as we pieces of work

often occlude our own blessings


to brace ourselves

in stockings

opaque as the style

of “that day”.


Please God

Grace every child

Lean not only on self-understanding

but read & heed Holy truth

in what time is due.




Face It

None but a mastermind

~ THE Master, mind you ~

shall ever be pleased

or praised

by ANY “surprise

Because the beginning & end

of every matter’s

already His.


All we can do is pray & believe God

for effective, steadfast equipment

in measures

of Love, courage, more

to receive, reflect, mobilize

the Gospel fully

Accepting appointed challenges

jitters, waits & all

that Thy will be done



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Standards’ Room Only

What manner of Love

is described by many

both faithfully & blindly

careful to admonish or polish

never stumbling into pride?

Not selfish or weak like me


My Lord, only Friend

in the fire and lion’s den

of many trials & failures

The Lamb laid down

to serve us

bitter herbs

’til the death

of our unnatural cravings

Weep for the losses & arise

as He will(s)

so His Blood

covers our passage

through dark nights

of the soul.


The W/ill of God

What a paradox

we embody; tenacious

to give, take Healing.