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If not every shiny thing, then certainly the Son shine of joy that comes in figurative morning

If a broken vessel, then one filled with love flowing directly, especially to low places yet wiped by a crown not self-absorbed; just willing to soak in The Presence of Him Who takes away the sin of the world

His Love, Power defies logic.

The some-called Logos, He Lives beyond words.


Did you know

the Body daily fails

in parts

so much so

we sit on high horses

smiling for camera/phones

while calling Him Lord

never giving true thought

to the fore catching our messages

in preparation for post

Master’s return

In any case

all is indeed vanity

@ this (finger)point

under which i sunk

yet now growing more

tired of my shell

the filthiest

once fearful

of driving perfect Love away

reaching myself

instead of His garment

Then Grace


a slapped face


The prudent pay

due respect to His cost.

Coddling me no more, now He–just–leads… . Via Faith Unlocked: “What Should I Call You?”

So what should I call You, Now that I know You? How do I describe What my mind cannot form? When my words cannot capture What flows through my thoughts, How can I say What You mean in my heart? I hear Your voice On the whistle of the wind, In the still of the […]

via What Should I Call You? — Faith Unlocked

Place meant…

i sought a sound message

from among

The Word of God

addressing fortune and territory

not as for spiritual ears & eyes needing

scratches to t’heir

itchiness or their superficiality

but for deeper direct instruction

Word made flesh

What i found is that

Even the positioning of Abram

fulfillment of Jabez’s request

and essence of Gad

came with side thorns

a plague of general anxiety

moving disorders

The Word returned

yet resting in heart

Just wait…


being still is best

you know?

Right now

i believe

i do.

An Inkling, An Unction

Unsure you feel it

until you welcome entry

and then it fills you

Precious Blood and oil

God’s peculiarelixir

One drop can change all.

Wear Your Size

Some classic songs and whomever taught us to dress

emphasize the importance of wearing our sizes

i.e. what is suitable for your dimensions

We dress:

  • in the uniforms of our duties
  • in the nudity of our birth & comfort
  • in the style of the day
  • in what the weather, environment suggests
  • in second skins to enhance & reveal what we feel are strengths
  • in flowing garments akin to freedom of movement 
  • in leaves of shame
  • in the sackcloth of humble repentance
  • in prodigal robes
  • in righteousness, praise, Love

Do you fit there, in

Are you just trying (others); perhaps, too hard

Some seek

to explain the omnipresence, the ubiquity, the ‘All-ness’

of the Holy Trinity


i believe

more than the time, frame

it is the fullness of Holy Spirit

within wo/man that

makes the difference

The Bible teaches

of three heavens

allowing room within God

for Infinity and a Bride

the shape of which is to die for

altogether lovely yet

massive enough for many mansions

Let us

pursue fitness for The Kingdom.


A Vessel Named You

Vertical turnstile bruised my heel

Not so much that i missed the intended departure

in a subway car named 3756

or something like that

for whatever it’s worth


On board

a man opened his briefcase

revealing unlikely sheets

of music he read silently

“It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”

Yesteryear i might’ve agreed more

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For Given

We embraced, parting ways

and i continued on my journey

to rest

Some time later

s/he took it upon self

to call continuously questioning

past slights in self-doubting upset

long since alright with me

having had my own struggles

with Love and the seeds thereof

along The Way


S/he didn’t remember

we’d already reasoned together

the murmuration of personal torment

stirred by spirits

the Savior allowed some

It was not beneficial to pick fight or scab

so i laughed and played

music calmly reminding me

how hard it can be

accepting the freedom, responsibility

elevated gravity

of Being, in Him