#EditoReal: On Outliers…


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Sometimes being an outlier, essentially being set apart,

requires praise or rebuke with/in the Holy Spirit;

The Most High God-in-Christ, front & center of course

despite that which (feels)

threatened from the fringe

Even squares don’t always understand or agree

with the words of mouth

meditations of heart

Glad God gets & encompasses

the broken best


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Weight on The Lord

We are one Body

in sore need

of The Most High

by and to Whom we connect

Divine appointment will

all-ways fit

when we discern

some discomfort is just

a call to stretch

The gift

of Your presence

gives me Life, joy

to love, sing, dance, cook, fast, walk, teach, write, study, help heal, upset, plant, produce, speak, hush, fight, pacify, do too much, still; never enough, congregate, come away…

As children You trained us

for times like these

inspiring fresh flames to pure purpose

so, later, coals of correction

may blazingly endure

through the ages

Do, Lord

Bear gently with us

as we, in turn,

bear each other up

in love learned

from The Head down

for Your Glory

Visual representation of Malachi 4:2 (KJV)

Living Color

Featured picture: “Healing in His Wings” by Rachel K. Harpham

Out of the mouth of an elevator

the babe and her elder guardian emerged

Mother heading to the reception desk

Child bee-lining for more signs of Life

With the pointed push of a button

the princess subject all to one command


the water fountain

the lobby chairs

one or two waiting patrons

would be released

After a minute behind the blinds

realizing I saw her

with no intention to pretend otherwise

she sauntered over to me


“Good morning, sweetheart. So, you like ‘Frozen’, huh?”

“Yeah. It’s my favorite! I watch it all the time.”

“That’s so cool! Do you like Princess Elsa or just lots of snowy days?”

“It’s my favorite, favorite movie! I watched it at home just now. Heyyy…your tooth is dirty.”

I laughed heartily at the type of innocent yet raw honesty I love, its resonance with a separate chat I’d had regarding a few procedures I must schedule. In her five-year-old lexicon, there was no distinguishing between being chemically stained, unbrushed, lipsticked and such. Things were simply as clean or dirty as they appeared to her; that’s it.

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No doubt

Over the break

a lady wrote me a note

of curiosity about my department & duties

Hers addressed the needs of the deaf

done at various sites

Grateful for the mutual respect

of a relaxed lunch, writing & team-

building, all at once

I asked her to teach me

my answer, signed

closing the door

on room for doubt

She obliged

Were you there?

My Lord…

Ash-fallen foreheads

refused to see her slim unfitness

to truly care for or otherwise foster the baby boy

a precious toddler seated perfectly

except when she slapped and shook him

cursed him

threatened to desert him

or ‘tear [his] little ___ up cause [she] don’t give a ____ who sees’

My stop had come

and I seized

to take a 30 ft. flight through the crowd to fight

rage we shared for different reasons

or just complement his sweet face and wish her a better day

on the way out

Sometimes honey tempers vinegar

Other times fire forces evaporation

Instead, no words

His silence proved he, two, had already learned to cope with her madness

the seed of what would one day grow into deep anger or compassion

while i copped out on the side of not

directing another one to a labyrinthine system

to get to work

for a labyrinthine system…

Why did i hesitate to lay down my life for this innocent

when I’ve taken the fall for the guilty

An under one-minute eternity made a fool of me

having diffused more in less Time.

The new computers came

after we spent the morning

reviewing an outdated curriculum

marked by highlighters and intentions to fight the negative stimuli

dulling our students towards diseases and the odds

of babies having babies.


Regardless of whether any of us make it

where we’d like to go

on the road taken

a loving heart is bypassed

while some mother may be celebrated

and at least one son of a wo/man has already suffered enough.

Good night. 

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